A Moment for Me 365 Day Calendar

A beautifully designed 365 day tear-off calendar, featuring a new 30-second self care mini-task for every day!

Good for any year! (There are no days of the week, so you can use it year after year!)

Busy people often think they’re too busy to care for their balance and well-being. But with this calendar, in just 30 seconds a day, you can nourish your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance. You’ll be amazed at what a difference even 30 seconds can make.

The content is inspired by astrology, numerology, Energy Medicine, yoga, Native American animal totems, spirituality, and more.

This is a great gift for the busy people you know, and a wonderful gift to give yourself.

Size: 4 3/8″ cube, 366 pages, arrives shrink-wrapped. Pages tear-off individually.

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